We Miss and Love you Doc Ed

Sandra Oglesby
Dr. Rossi was an extraordinary human being. Meeting for the first time on October 4, 1995 at NYU with the birth of Ian Oglesby we were close growing him up. From visits in NYC with Dr. Marcia Wishnink we recall every milestone, shot,  illness, check up, sports physical etc. Dr. Rossi was a huge part of our lives and all the families he worked with. Even as late as this year, Ian reached for him while at college, came into see him, caught up with him and Dr. Rossi beaming and infectious smile and pride radiated. Last year I finally convinced him to join the Board of Directors at PARENTS UNITED LEARNING THE SPECIAL EDUCATION SYSTEM  (PULSES) because his deep compassion and  love for human kind was a lifetime commitment of his. He would fight at the CSE table for children's services and classifications. Dr. Rossi you are in Heaven now where God needed you more to help those angel children. We miss and love you and pray that your legacy here on earth continues through all those you touched, helped and loved. 😇😷🤕😭❤